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Gear + Reviews is where we share product news and test-drive innovative gear that are worthy of considering to add to your surf arsenal.

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Buy GoPro HERO Camera at

Finally, an inflatable board bag that protects your investment from airline abuse. more
by kelly vander kaay  
Ditch your surf hood and liberate your head with a toasty, skate-style beanie. more
by brian gomez
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Kindle: Amazon's 6" Wireless Reading Device   Audio-Technica Noise Cancelling Earphones  

We can't live without the latest generation Kindle on our surf travels.  It's compact, easy to use, and better than carrying around a stack of books in your backpack. 
Plus, plenty of surf books, like Laird Hamilton's Force of Nature: Mind, Body, Soul (And, of Course, Surfing) are available on the Kindle and are nicely priced at $9.99 -- a better deal than the physical versions.

Full Test-Drive review coming...


If you're doing extensive surf travel via planes and buses, or an avid listener to music on your headphones, you'll love the Audio-Technica ATH ANC3BK super compact, noise-cancelling headphones.  At $59.99, they're a great inexpensive, high-quality alternative to the full-size $300+plus headsets that can take up significant room in your backpack or carry-on bag.

Full Test-Drive review coming...


Tired of Icy Hot and "pungent" heat rubs for your sore muscles and aches?  We're fans of Biofreeze, a topical pain relieving gel made with Ilex, a South American extract also known as "Yerba Mate."  Biofreeze creates a cooling sensation, and unlike icing an area, it allows blood to continue to flow to the area so that it can be naturally repaired.  Its light odor vanishes quickly.  Get a free trial packet from its maker, Performance Health, by calling 1-800-246-3733

Full Test-Drive review coming...

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