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  Surf For Life Opens 2010 Registration for Costa Rica  
  Meaningful Vacations:  Build Schools & More While Surfing World-Class Breaks  
  published october 29, 2009  
Surf for Life's Newly Built Swings in Costa Rica  | (photo courtesy of Surf for Life)


The San Francisco-based non-profit, Surf For Life, has announced that it has opened up registration for its 2010 volunteer program for surfers who want to make a difference for local children and communities near world-class breaks. Supported by surf icons such as 2-time World Longboard Champion Cori Schumacher and Donald Takayama, the upcoming February and March 2010 program places weekly teams of 10-12 volunteers to help hands-on with construction and community projects that directly benefit the children of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, and of the indigenous BriBri tribe.  In operation of its second year, Surf for Life's fun-filled, "volun-tourism" trips enable participants to intimately experience foreign cultures and great waves.

Cori Schumacher says, "I am excited by the opportunity offered by Surf For Life to experience an amazing surf trip coupled with helping Puerto Viejo's BriBri people in 2010. I have always wanted to leave more than just wax, stickers and footprints in the sand on surf trips. Some of the most amazing surf breaks in the world are in areas inhabited by people who live in the world's worst conditions. Working with groups of people who not only understand this but seek to actively engage in transforming this reality fulfills that part of me that yearns to leave this earth a better place for my having been in it."


Surf for Life is a 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to channel the common interests and energy of surfers to get involved with hands-on social and economic development projects near top surf breaks.  Its travel programs are open to anyone -- experienced surfers, beginners, and non-surfers alike.  Architects, designers and others with applicable skills are also encouraged.


Surf for Life is planning to also roll out trips to other locations around the world in the near future. To learn more about their programs, to register, and to view their recent video about their 2009 work in Playa Hermosa, please visit




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